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# 1 Showtime Billions - EntraPASS OBSG Optical Turnstiles # 1

We sold Possible Productions / Showtime Billions

(3) Lanes OBSG Optical Turnstiles
(1) EntraPASS Special Edition Access Control Computer / Software
(1) HID Proximity Card Reader

Cost New: $ 114,311.00

Sell for: $ 58,500.00

Freight is not included - Shipping from Brooklyn, NY 11222

#2 Used Alvarado (2) Turnstiles & (2) ADA Gates - Mint Condition (Never Used) # 2

In Brand-New Condition
Never Installed - Never Used

(2) Alvarado EDCX-4XSS Waist High Turnstiles
(2) Alvarado VSGX-1SS Waist High Security Gate

Cost New: $ 16,460.00
Sell for: $ 9,890.00

Freight from 61554

Call Patrick McAllister
Office: 303 670 1099


# 3 Used - Check Point - Automatic Systems PNG 391 Optical Glass Turnstiles # 3

Technical Data Sheet

Used Automatic Systems PNG 391

Single Lane, Full-Height Optical Turnstile

We originally sold this to Check Point and now they've merged
with another company and redesigned their office and will not be
using these.

$ 15,000.00

Shipping from: 95020
Freight and Insurance is individually priced and
is not included in the above sale price

Electrical Data Sheet
# 4 St. Louis Cardinal's - Busch Stadium Turnstiles # 4

Click on Photo to Enlarge

Mechanical Mechanism

Attached are photos of the Alvarado EDC-E-BN-3SS

Stainless Steel Turnstiles we have from Busch Stadium

They are waist height, about 42" high and about 3' 2" long
Entry Counter with Platform and Rail

Manual Operation, Key Lock Control Both Directions
( Keys are not included, will need to change out the cylinder or get keys made )

(as of 04-12-15) there are 27 available
We've SOLD 12
as of 12-20-16 there are 15 available

Cost New: $ 4,000.00 each

Sell: $ 1,200.00 each
Plus $ 120.00 for palletizing and cleaning

Shipping and Palleting costs from 63103
are not included and will be quoted with purchase

Click for detailed Dimensions

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# 5 Used Stainless Steel Waist High Turnstiles # 5
Cleaned and Polished  Cleaned and Polished  Click to Enlarge As of 02-09-17 we have 20 of these units in Canada
Stainless Steel Waist High Turnstile with Counter, Platform and Rail

1-Way Mechanical (can be 2-way)
Platform and Rail

New $ 4,107.00

Selling Price: $ 1,577.00
Palleting to Ship: $ 125.00
Export Fees from Canada: $ 142.45

Freight: Purchaser pays freight, palleting and export fees
You can take them as-is, or pay for cleaning and polishing
Cleaned and Polished Fee: $ 250.00
Cleaned and Polished   Click to Enlarge  Click to Enlarge
 Crated Ready to Ship  Crated for Shipment  Click to Enlarge
# 6 Boon Edam Trilock 60 # 6

These are 5 Years Old, located in Miami, FL
(6) Turnstiles Available (as of 04-12-16)
1-Way Electric
$ 1,200.00 each

Diameter / Unit Width (inches)
Barrier Height (inches)
Capacity (per minute) *
Security Level (0 - 5)
# of Door Wings
Disabled Access
Emergency Exit
Fail Safe / Fail Secure
Collapsible Door Set or Barrier
Stainless Steel
Powdercoated Aluminum
Remote Monitoring
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Used Turnstiles, Established 2003

Patrick McAllister
670 1099


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